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Brew happiness

‘Being happy’, this is everyone’s wish. We‘brew’happiness for everyone through making product by brewing and fermenting.


Product introduction

Whole-soybean Soy Sauce brewed in Cedar Barrels

This soy sauce with rich aroma is made out of ingredients strictly selected, and then aged in cedar barrels made in 1869. It can add a deep flavor to many dishes such as sashimi, sushi, grilled fish and also tofu, etc.

Edible Soy Sauce Broth

made by Katsuobushiya

No. 1 domestic production volume in Japan.

The flavor of soy sauce beans and the aroma of dried bonito stimulate your appetite. It not only goes well with congee and tofu. You can also enjoy the new taste with stir-fried meat or vegetables.

Miso Sauce made with Shinshu Miso

This miso sauce is an all-purpose seasoning made with selected Shinshu Miso. It is perfectly matched with any dish, such as stir-fried or seasoned or mixed with meat, fish and vegetables.

Garlic Miso Sauce

04 ninniku.jpg

Shinshū miso derived from Japanese soy beans and rice blended with slowly cooked caramelised onions that turned mellow and tinged golden, garlic and Shinshū apple sauce made with Fuji apples, resulting in a rich, deliciously distinctive sauce coupled with moderate sweetness and sourness.  Can be used as a marinade, dipping sauce or as a salad dressing. The all-purpose marinade, dip and dressing sauce!

Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken

Tuna Gunkan

Tuna Gunkan



Japanese Fried Noodles

Japanese Fried Noodles

Chicken Don

Chicken Don

Vegetable Stir Fry

Vegetable Stir Fry


company profile

Our brewery, located in Nakano City in Nagano Prefecture, is surrounded by rich nature. There are Shigakogen Plateau, which hosted alpine skiing events during 1998 Winter Olympics and Snow Monkey Park, which is famous for monkeys bathing in a natural hot spring.

In 1947, we started our business as Soy Sauce Miso Manufacturing and Sales Company. We bear in mind that our philosophy is ‘to brew everyone’s happiness’ and it is important to ‘brew with 5 senses’ during making products by brewing (fermenting).

We make the best use of our valuable seven-shaku cedar barrels (made in 1869 with a diameter of 210cm and volume around 5400l) and we are particular about the main ingredients such as Shinshu soybean in order to produce soy sauce continuously. (Nowadays, soy sauce brewed in cedar barrels is very rare that there is only less than 1% over the total production volume of soy sauce in Japan.) Taste and enjoy our specialty made from traditional techniques and precious materials.




Tel: +81-269-22-2478


1-5-5,Nishi,Nakano City,Nagano,383-0021,Japan

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